九年级英语Unit 7 Teenagers should be allowed to choose their own clothes单元测试卷(附答案人教新目标版)

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九年级英语Unit 7 Teenagers should be allowed to choose their own clothes单元测试卷(附答案人教新目标版)


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Unit 7检测题(RJ)
时间:120分钟 满分:120分 班级:________ 姓名:________
(A)1.A.So do we.     B.Yes, we are.
C.Neither do we.
(B)2.A.It's interesting.  B.Sounds good.
C.I like it very much.
(C)3.A.Oh.I don't agree.
B.I often go to sleep late.
C.I'm not allowed to play computer games.
(B)4.A.It's very kind of you.  B.I disagree.
C.That's OK.
(C)5.A.I think we should change schools.
B.I think our school rules should be changed.
C.I think we should be allowed to make our own decisions.
(C)6.What can Tom do?
A.He can play football with his friends.
B.He can play with his friends after school.
C.He can watch TV on Sunday night.
(C)7.What time does the girl have to go home on Saturday night?
A.She has to go home by 10:00 a.m.
B.She has to go home by 10:30 p.m.
C.She has to go home by 10:00 p.m.
(C)8.What is Frank allowed to do?
A.He is allowed to have a part-time job.
B.He is allowed to go to the concert.
C.He is allowed to play football after school.
(A)9.How old is the boy?
A.Fourteen.  B.Sixteen.  C.Eighteen.
(C)10.Why does the woman tell David to close the window?
A.It is too cold. 
B.There is terrible smell outside.
C.There is terrible noise outside.
(B)11.What's wrong with Jenny?
A.She is ill.
B.She was late for the test.
C.She couldn't study well.
(C)12.How does Jenny usually go to school?
A.By car.  B.On foot.  C.By bus.
(A)13.What are they talking about?
A.Uniforms.  B.Hobbies.
(B)14.Why is it necessary for Uncle Wang to wear uniforms at work?
A.Because uniforms can keep his own clothes clean.
B.Because uniforms can make him look important.
C.Because uniforms can keep him from danger.
(C)15.What is the girl wearing?
A.Jeans and T-shirts.      B.Sports clothes.
C.School uniforms.
(C)16.________ suggest that students should have 9 hours' sleep every night.
A.Parents   B.Teachers   C.Scientists
(A)17.What can cause problems in a student’s study?
A.Falling asleep in class.
B.Arriving late for class.
C.Quarreling with their parents.
(B)18.Most students feel nervous and forgetful because ________.
A.they worry about their studies
B.they don’t get enough sleep
C.they often get lower grades
(B)19.When do many students go to sleep?
A.After 12 a.m.      B.After 11 p.m. 
C.At about 9 p.m.
(C)20.Most students go to bed late because ________.
A.there may be too much noise in his room
B.there may be a parent in his room
C.there may be a computer in his room
Opening time From 21.8:00 AM to
7:30 PM
Price for a student 22.¥5 with a student card
Day for mothers and babies only 23.Saturday
In the cafe people can watch 24.players and enjoy  a 25.drink
(C)26.I think ______ should not be allowed to drive.
A.sixteen years old  B.sixteen-year-old
C.sixteen-year-olds  D.sixteen-years-olds
(C)27.We should be strict ________ ourselves ______ our work.
A.with;with  B.in;in
C.with;in  D.in;with
(C)28.I’m sorry to hear that you ________ the math test last term.
A.pass   B.passed   C.failed     D.fail
(A)29.Li Xiang ______ in the end,and his ________ made us excited.
A.succeeded;success  B.succeeds;successful
C.success;succeed  D.successful;succeed
(D)30.He doesn't study hard ________ his lessons.He should stop ________ computer games.
A.in;playing  B.at;play
C.to;to play  D.at;playing
(B)31.Our teacher often says if we work hard,we're sure to ________ our dreams.
A.get  B.achieve  C.make  D.have
(D)32.The man isn't     ________ at the meeting.
A.enough serious  B.seriously enough
C.enough seriously      D.serious enough
(C)33.—(达州中考)May we leave the classroom now?
—No, you ________. You ________ to leave until the bell rings.
A.needn't;aren't allowed
B.may not;are allowed
C.mustn't;aren't allowed
D.can't;are allowed
(C)34.Yesterday my sister had her computer  ________ at the supermarket.
A.mend  B.to mend
C.mended  D.mending
(B)35.If you want to speak Chinese better,you should practice ________ possible.
A.as many as  B.as much as
C.as more as  D.so long as
Manyue is a 3-year-old girl. Her father  __36__ AIDS(艾滋病) and died. Her mother also fell sick with the same illness. One day, Grandpa Wang took Manyue to the __37__ to see her mother, who looked pale and tired. She said, “My dear child, I’m going to __38__ you soon and stay with your father.” “Can I go with you?” Manyue asked. Mom said __39__ , “Your father is too far away and you’re too young to go there,  __40__  we will come back to see you on the night with a full moon.”
Soon after Manyue’s visit, her mother  __41__  her journey to see her dad. Manyue began to live with Grandpa Wang. “The  __42__  moon will come during the harvest (收获的季节) just like your mother said,” Grandpa Wang told her sadly.
__43__  the moon was full, Grandpa Wang and Manyue had their visitors from a  __44__ . Manyue was shy in front of the strangers. Smiling kindly, a young lady said, “I’m going to be __45__  mother. Please come home with me. ” Then Manyue went to her new home. Now she lives in a tall building in the city. She's happy now. 
(A)36.A.caught  B.took
C.brought  D. received
(C)37.A.school  B.factory
C.hospital  D.shop
(D)38.A.meet   B.help
C.call  D.leave
(B)39.A.loudly  B.softly
C.shyly  D.proudly
(D)40.A.or  B.because
C.if  D.but
(C)41.A.stopped  B.repeated
C.started  D.refused
(A)42.A.full  B.lovely
C.beautiful  D.bright
(D)43.A.Usually  B.Immediately
C.Impossibly   D.Finally
(B)44.A.town  B.city  C.village  D.farm
(A)45.A.your  B.their  C.his  D.her
We want to know if your school has any unusual rules.Here are answers from some students in the UK.
We're not allowed to go near any of the boys.They boys sit on one side of the classroom and the girls on the other.
At my school,we all have to walk on the left and if we don't,we will lose our break(休息) time for a week.
At my school,if you are in the 8th grade,you're not allowed to write in pencil;you have to write in pen.If you make a mistake,you have to use a ruler to put a straight line through it.
Helen,13,Isle of Wight
We're not allowed to take hot food outside the canteen(食堂),even a small bag of chips.
We cannot write in any color except black.

(B)46.According to the passage,we know Becca is
A.10 years old  B.a girl
C.a boy  D.a teacher
(C)47.Katie can not ________ at her school.
A.play at break time  B.sit near a boy
C.walk on the right  D.eat in the classroom
(A)48.Students in the 8th grade in Helen's school
A.have to write in pen
B.can't use rulers
C.have to eat in the canteen
D.can't write in black
(C)49.Alison is allowed to ________.
A.take food  B.eat in the canteen
C.write in black  D.write in any color
(B)50.What is the material mainly about?
A.Why your school has unusual rules.
B.What unusual rules your school has.
C.The influence of the unusual school rules.
D.Students' opinions on the unusual school rules.
A young man entered the last interview of a company. The director found the young man’s academic grade were very good.
“Did you get any scholarships(奖学金) in school?” The director asked. “None.” The young man answered.
“Was it your father who paid for your school fees (学费)?” the director asked. “My father passed away when I was one year old, so it was my mother who paid for my school fees.” the young man answered.
“Where did your mother work?” the director asked. “My mother cleaned clothes.” the young man said. The director looked the young man’s hands. He had a pair of smooth and perfect hands.
“Have you ever helped your mother wash the clothes before?” the director asked.  “ Never,” the young man answered. “I have a request,” the director said. “When you go back home today, go and clean your mother’s hands, and then see me tomorrow morning.”
  The young man felt that his chance of getting the job was high. When he went back, he happily asked his mother to let him clean her hands. His mother felt strange, happy but with mixed feelings. She showed her hands to the kid. The young man cleaned his mother’s hands slowly. His tears fell as he did that. It was the first time he had noticed his mother’s hands were so wrinkled.      He realized it was this pair of hands that helped him pay the fees.
The next morning, the young man went to the director’s office. “I cleaned my mother’s hands, and I know that without my mother, I would not be the person I am today.” he said.
“This is what I am looking for in my manager.” the director said. “I want a person who can appreciate (感激) the help of others to get things done. You get the job!”
(B)51.What did the director ask the young man to do that night?
A.To help his mother wash the clothes.
B.To wash his mother’s hands.
C.To chat with his mother.
D.To hug his mother.
(B)52.The underlined word “wrinkled” in Paragraph 6 probably means ________.
A.soft      B.rough     C.dirty        D. smooth
(D)53.What can we learn from the passage about the young man?
A.The young man had good academic grades and got scholarships.
B.His parents worked hard to pay the fees.
C.The young man had a pair of hands that looked just like his mother's.
D.The young man finally got the job as a manager.
(C)54.Which of the following is wrong about the young man’s mother?
A.Her son never helped her with her work before the interview.
B.Life was difficult but she managed to support her son.
C.She couldn’t help crying when her son washed her hands that night.
D. Her son learned a lot from what she had done for him.
(D)55.What did the director value most from the young man?
A.Working ability.   B.Academic grades.  
C.Communication skills.    D.Appreciation.
As time goes by, are you still the same person you were? Many of you would think you are.  56.D You could be a completely different person when you get old. Psychologists(心理学家) at the UK's University of Edinburgh did the study on a group of Scottish people.  57.F
In 1950,a group of teachers gave over 1200 14-year-old students personality tests.  58.A They were self-confidence, sense of responsibility ,perseverance(耐心), strong wishes to win, creativity and moods(情绪).
In 2012,researchers successfully found 174 of those 1200 students and gave them a test similar to the one they had received before.  59.B  They were surprised to find great changes to all six personality traits of these people.  60.E  It was “ as if the second test had been given to different people.” The study reported.
In the past, personality was widely believed to be unchangeable. This new study may bring some fresh ideas to the world.
A.They tested six basic personality traits.
B.Then they compared the then-and-now test results.
C.They wanted to know if people’s personality was unchangeable.
D.But according to a new study, your personality can change greatly.
E.The younger and older self seemed to be totally different for each person.
F.The research found almost everyone’s personality changed when they grew old.
G.You thought you had changed a lot. 
56.D 【解析】考查前后逻辑判读。题空前后意思存在逻辑上的转折关系,而选项D中含有转折连词But,且D项句意符合此处前后逻辑。故选D。
57.F 【解析】考查上下文理解。题空前提到一名心理学家做了一项研究(study),而选项F表明这项研究(research)发现每个人都会随着年龄的增长改变性格。
58.A 【解析】考查上下文理解及归纳。题空上一句说老师对学生做了性格测试(test),而下一句列举了六项性格特征,上下文均与A选项(他们测试了六项基本性格特征)形成前后呼应。故选A。
59.B 【解析】考查上下文理解。题空上一句提到研究人员找到了当初参与测试的一部分人,并对他们进行了相似测试,而下一句说他们发现了这些人性格的巨大变化。因此可以推测,研究人员对这些参与测试的人的性格进行了今昔(then and now)对比。故选B。
60.E 【解析】考查上下文理解。题空后一句谈到“第二次测试就像是对不同的人做的”,由此可知同一个人在不同年龄阶段的性格完全不同(totally different)。故选E。

61.(滨州中考)The Belt and Road is a chance(机会)to help some countries to develop, so more and more countries want to catch it.
62.—Do you need help, Bob?
—No, thanks. I can manage (应付)it by myself.
63.Roy wrote two poems(诗)about spring yesterday evening.
64.Parents should educate (教育)their children to have a good eating habit.
65.In our community (社区)center,there is a small library for the old.
66.(鄂州中考)Teenagers should be encouraged(encourage)to solve their problems by  themselves.
67.You must knock on the door before entering (enter)the teacher’s office.
68.Safety (safe) is the most important thing at the moment.
69.We need to try our best to keep them away from making ( make) mistakes.
70.The boy is always worried about failing (fail) the tests.
71.Mom__and__Dad__are__the__most__important__people__in__your__life. They have been looking after you since you were born.72.你应该一直爱他们。You should also get on well with them. But some children don't know how to do this. Here are some ways to help you.
Spend more time with your parents.73.Don't__spend__too__much__time__playing__computer__games__or__watching__TV.Ask your parents to play with you.74.和他们交谈或者散步。
Be kind to your parents. You can make them happy with a smile when you come home. You can send your mother a card on Mother’s Day or tell your father a joke on his birthday .75.You__can__also__clean__your__room__by__yourself.
Work hard. If you do your best in your studies, your parents will be proud of you.
72.You should always love them.
74.Talk or take a walk with them.
Most  76.teenagers (青少年) have hobbies.But sometimes these hobbies can get  77. in  the way of(阻碍) schoolwork,and parents might   78.worry(worried) about their children's    79.success(successful) at school.Liu Yu,a fifteen-year-old boy from Shandong,is a   80.running(run) star.He is on his school team and has always wanted to be a   81.professional (职业的) runner when he grows up.However,his parents won't allow him 82.to train(train) so much.“Of course we want to see him 83.achieve(achieve) his dream,”says Mr. Liu.“My wife and I have 84.supported(support) every one of his races.We have nothing against running!But we think our son needs 85.to think (think) about other possible jobs.”
参考词汇:文明的civilized  遵守obey
Since creating the civilized city and countryside, all the people have made joint efforts. Their good behavior can be seen everywhere.
As junior students, we have also made some contributions to the civilized city. For example, to protect our environment, we plant flowers and trees. Also, for our own and others’ safety, we obey the traffic rules and never run red lights. In addition, we no longer talk or laugh loudly in public. What’s more, when on a bus, we actively give our seats to the people in need.
Besides, we have formed a good habit of throwing rubbish into a dustbin, never littering anywhere. Furthermore, we are accustomed to queuing up for tickets or something else.
All in all, we will try our best to do what we can to make ourselves and our city more civilized.


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